Buy A House For $1… in Italy.

Ready for a break from it all?? The small town of Laurenzana, Italy   is currently selling homes and buildings for just over a buck. 

Laurenzana, in the southern region of Basilicata,  currently has about 50 historic properties for 1 euro ($1.19,) Departures reports. In a bid to lure buyers, Mayor Michele Ungaro has even rolled back renovation deposit fees (which have ranged from about $2,400 to $6,000 when other Italian towns have organized similar promotions) to $382! 

The catch? You have to agree to restore the home and pitch your restorations to city officials who will have to approve. Average renovations will probably set you back about $24,000 to bring the homes up to a liveable status.

So I guess the price is more like $24,001 – oh plus the deposit of $382. So $24,383 . Still not a bad price to live in a town by the Italian Sea. 

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