This might be the final time change ever?

There aren’t many things that could get a bipartisan vote in the Senate in this day and age, but there is ONE.  Both Republicans and Democrats really want to get rid of springing forward and falling back.


There’s a new bipartisan bill in the Senate to make Sunday’s time change the final one EVER in the country.

It makes a lot of sense to end the time changes. Standard Time might’ve made sense 100 years ago, but at this point, the best argument seems to be “well, this is just how we’ve always done things.”

Daylight Saving Time has been connected to fewer car accidents, lower risk for heart attacks and strokes, fewer robberies, and less energy usage.

So if this becomes a law before November, we’ll just stay on Daylight Saving Time for good… no changing back in the fall.

Yes, it means some darker mornings in the Winter, but who really rushes to be outdoors on Winter mornings anyway?

Do the right thing and contact your Senator.