Today’s Good News: Woman Turns 100 And Hugs Her Family After A Year



The family of a nursing home resident in North Carolina surprised her with a face-to-face visit to celebrate her 100th birthday. It’s the first time Irma Prevette’s family has been able to hug or kiss her since the pandemic began. She’s beaten COVID and is now fully vaccinated and she was delighted by her surprise party. Source: ABC 13


Colin Jackson was diagnosed with bone cancer and had a hip replacement and bone, joint and soft tissue reconstruction, but the 37-year-old marathon competitor was determined to get back to it. His doctor, James Flint, told him if he worked up to walking a marathon, he’d join him for the 26.2-miles. Flint kept his word and though COVID restrictions kept them apart, the men supported each other by video chatting during their marathon. Source: People

dog running smiling playing



A woman in Detroit says her faith in people is restored after two 15-year-old kids found her dog running around . . . brought it to her house . . . and sat on her porch for 45 minutes to make sure she got it back.