Today’s Good News: After 667 Days In A Shelter, Dog Gets Adopted

black pitbull dog


Melvin the pit bull has spent nearly two years at a Los Angeles shelter, but he’s finally found a forever home. The dog will soon be celebrating his fourth birthday and he gets to do it with his new family. The spcaLA explains that Melvin’s biggest challenges in being adopted may have been things he couldn’t change: “the color of his coat and his breed.” Source: NY Post


Raymond Schaefer never finished high school because he left to serve in World War II. But now the 96-year-old veteran has finally graduated, thanks to a surprise ceremony. After 77 years, he was honored by Waterford Union High School with a diploma. Source: Fox 6 Now

chicken sandwich


A school cop in Kentucky named Chris Shelton works at a small middle school with about 60 students.  And he recently found out a lot of the kids had never had Chick-fil-A, which he LOVES.  So he went there and bought lunch for every single student.