Today’s Good News: Teen Invents Color-Changing Sutures That Spot Infection



High school student Dasia Taylor has won a state science fair and become a finalist in a national science competition with her invention. The 17-year-old has created a suture thread that changes color when a surgical wound gets infected. She uses beets as the dye and plans to patent her invention in the future. Source: Smithsonian Magazine


After a break in at his law office, Frank Ojile realized his uncle’s Purple Heart medal he had on display had been stolen. A woman found it while doing yard work and a Facebook post helped find Ojile and get it back to him. He says he feels “truly blessed” to get back the one item taken in the burglary that meant the most. Source: KWCH



Darby Voeks was surfing in Lake Superior when a woman in a wheelchair asked him to help save her aide and her dog. The dog jumped in and her aide went after it, both needed help getting out. Now the Minnesota man is being honored with the Duluth Citizen Partnership Award for his heroic actions. Source: People