Today’s Good News: 14 Year Old Makes Bowties To Help With Dog Adoptions

terrier dog bowtie


14-year-old boy makes bow ties for rescue dogs to help them get adopted. Darius learned how to sew a bowtie when he was seven and now the accessories help dogs get adopted with cute photos. Since Darius started this venture, he has donated over 1,000 bow ties to shelters across America. One day, he hopes to expand his business and help more dogs find a loving home. Source: Positive World Online


A six-year-old boy has found a fossil dating back millions of years in his garden after receiving a fossil-hunting kit for Christmas. Sid, said he was “excited” to find the fossil in his garden after digging for worms. His father was able to identify the horn coral through a fossil group he is a member of on Facebook. They estimate the fossil is between 251 and 488 million years old. Source: BBC