Folsom Residents Help Restore Elderly Woman’s Home

Folsom neighbors are stepping out to step up and help an elderly woman who was found living in a hazardous situation at her Folsom home.  80-year-old Gene was living in a dangerous environment after she suffered a stroke she was unable to maintain her home. 


“Gene is retired federal United States Postal Service Employee.  Gene served the greater Sacramento county California area for over 30 years.  Gene is a beautiful soul who loves knitting, in fact Gene used her knitting skills to make hats for newborn babies at a local hospitals (Pre Covid-19).  Post retirement has not been easy for Gene. Gene has no immediate family she can count on.”

Sacramento County Adult Protective Services had temporarily removed Gene from her home, while businesses and organizations are donating their time, money and services for Operation Help Bring Gene Home. They are hoping Gene can move back in May 1.  

If you’d like to help with Operation Help Bring Gene Home, click or tap here.

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