Today’s Good News: Eighth-Grader Finds T-Rex Tooth While Hiking

t rex


A kid in Colorado found a T-rex tooth while hiking in Boulder County. Jonathan Charpentier gave the tooth to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They verified the tooth belonged to a Tyrannosaurus rex who lived in the area over 60-million years ago. Source: Insider


Recently we told you about Jaxson Dempsey, an eight-year-old who saved his baby sister who was choking while Dad was driving. He credits knowing what to do with a TV show, “The Substitutes,” which had a lesson from John Cena on how to save someone who’s choking. Since the story, the actor has sent a personal thank you message to Jaxson. Source: Sunny Skyz



A Nashville, Tennessee, family got the chance to thank the strangers who saved their lives during last week’s flooding. Cayce and Kelly Vaughn were evacuating their home as the water levels were rising, but got trapped in the driveway by the current. Strangers pulled up, offered a rope and a hand and pulled them all to safety. Source: WSMV