Today’s Good News: Actor Hands Out Money To People Standing In Job Line

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Dick Van Dyke has been giving back to people in need in his community. The actor was seen handing out cash to people in line at the Malibu Community Labor Exchange, a nonprofit that helps people find day jobs. The 95-year-old gave away money to the job seekers from his car window. Source: Daily Mail


Last April, Dil-E-Punjab, a restaurant in Edmonton, Canada, started handing out free meals to anyone who was hungry, no questions asked. They now give away 100 meals daily and say over the last year, they’ve provided 32-thousand meals. Community donations have helped and the restaurant plans to keep feeding people in need as long as they can. Source: Global News



North Atlantic right whales have given birth to more calves than scientists have seen since 2015. They’re encouraged by the numbers for the critically endangered species. Survey teams spotted 17 newborn whales swimming between Florida and North Carolina from December to March. Source: The Guardian