Today’s Good News: Uplifting Anonymous Notes Bring The Love To Toronto

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People are finding encouraging handwritten notes all around the city of Toronto, Canada. The project, Greetings Toronto, was founded by a resident and two childhood friends – who wish to remain anonymous – just to spread positivity and brighten people’s days. Messages like “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are doing okay” are left in highly visited spots around the city. Source: BlogTO


Denver Parks and Recreation gave 14 American bison to tribal nations in an effort to reintroduce the animals to their native habitat. Mayor Michael B. Hancock says the city shares a vision with tribal partners to return and restore wild bison to their historical homes. Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes in Oklahoma are getting 13 bison and the other one will go to Tall Bull Memorial Council in Colorado. Source: The Denver Channel

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A couple who’s spent a year apart because of COVID has finally been reunited. John Doyle, 94, and his wife, Kay, were separated when they both came down with coronavirus and they both beat it. After all that time apart, the couple was ready for a long-awaited kiss. Source: KNOP