Do You Have Your Dream Job?

Someone polled over 13,000 Americans and asked about their “dream job.”  And a surprising number of people say their current job IS their dream job.

18% overall said they currently have their dream job.  That’s almost one in five.

A quarter of people in the poll were either retired or said the question didn’t apply.  So if you don’t count them, it means one in four people are working their dream job right now.

Another 26% said they have a dream job, but they’re not currently doing it.

25% DON’T have a specific position they consider their dream job, and 7% weren’t sure if they do.

One in five men said they’re in their dream job right now, compared to about one in seven women.

And people in their late 20s or early 30s were the most likely to say they love their current job. 

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