Today’s Good News: Dogs Chase Bear Out Of California Home (Video)

dog terrier


Terriers aren’t known for being guard dogs, but a pair of them protected their home from a brown bear. The bear wandered into Deedee Mueller’s California home through an open door, but her tiny dogs scared it away. Security footage shows the ferocious terriers barking and chasing the intruder until it left. You can see the video here: Fox News


A nine-year-old Florida boy is doing his part to lift spirits in his neighborhood during the pandemic. Daniel Class learns a new song just about every day and plays them on the piano in his driveway. He’s committed to play as often as he can and says “I love to make people happy.” Source: WDSU

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A Wisconsin girl has been busy baking during the pandemic and she’s using her talent to help her fellow students in need. Keena Schroeder started a cheesecake business, “Bug’s Bakery” and donates $5 from each sale to her school district’s Hunger Hero campaign. It’s a program that helps pay down student lunch account balances. Source: WKOW