Today’s Good News: Identical Twins Separated At Birth Reunited 36 Years Later



Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert grew up knowing they were adopted from South Korea as infants, but didn’t know much else about their families. Molly did a DNA test around the same time Emily’s daughter took one and their results showed the women are identical twins. They recently met for the first time on their 36th birthday after being separated at birth. Source: Good Morning America


Taking the scenic route home paid off big time for one Virginia family. Dhrupal Patel was driving home from a vacation in the Smoky Mountains with his family when they stopped for snacks and coffee. He bought a lottery ticket and won the top prize of $777,777! Source: UPI



Friends living in the same retirement community fell in love during the pandemic and couldn’t be happier. Bill Biega is 98 and Iris Ivers is 91 and after he got caught sneaking out of her apartment during lockdown, they moved in together last year. They’re now enjoying their golden years together and they’re taking it day-by-day. Source: