Six Easy Tips For A Long And Healthy Life

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Scientist Andrew Steele has studied the aging process and he envisions a future where people stay fit and disease-free for longer lives. But in the here and now? He says we have a lot more control over aging than we realize. So what’s the magic fountain of youth? All the “boring” everyday habits that keep us healthy, like exercising, eating a good diet and not smoking help slow aging down, according to Steele. These are the healthy habits he follows in his own life to boost longevity.

  • Exercise – Steele says cardio and strength training are important, but the key is not doing too little or too much. In fact, he warns that training too intensely “might slightly reduce your lifespan.” So the sweet spot is about 30 minutes a day, but if you don’t exercise at all, he suggests even going for a 10-minute walk every day will “dramatically improve your health.”
  • Eat a varied diet with lots of plants – He doesn’t avoid any food groups and focuses on moderation and variety and eating less meat.
  • Skip the supplements – “We’ve actually got huge amounts of trial evidence to suggest that there’s no point” in taking supplements, Steele explains. “Vitamin supplements either had no effect on lifespan or actually slightly shortened it.” So unless your doctor advises otherwise, don’t bother with supplements.
  • Monitor blood pressure and resting heart rate – He says they give you “significant insight” into the state of your heart health and overall health.
  • Sleep, but not too much or too little – That equals seven or eight hours a night for Steele.
  • Take care of your teeth – Good oral hygiene has a positive impact on lifespan and the risk of dementia, according to our longevity expert. So take the best care of your teeth and gums.

Source: Today