Today’s Good News: Woman Fosters More Than 80 Infants Over Past 34 Years


Linda Owens has been a foster parent for 34 years and has taken care of more than 80 infants. The 78-year-old fosters the babies as a single parent and sometimes cares for two babies at a time. She says, “This is what God’s handed me a gift to do.” Source: CBS San Francisco

A woman in Toronto encourages neighborhood dogs to come visit her front yard and has even set up a dog café for them. Kaya Kristina created “StarPups Coffee” complete with water, treats and even sticks for the pooches. It’s all free for the dogs that come by and she’s building a community for them and their owners. Source: Blog Toronto


Last year, Sophie Gerber spent her 99th birthday isolated as she battled COVID and she beat it. Now she’s fully vaccinated and looking forward to her milestone birthday and the gift she really wants? Something she hasn’t had in more than a year – a hug from her son! Source: NBC New York