Today’s Good News: Five-Year-Old Uses His Make-A-Wish To Help Other Sick Kids


Grayson Nunley is a little boy who’s battled leukemia and was recently granted a wish from the Make-A-Wish foundation. But instead of choosing to go to Disney or some other cool experience, he’s using his wish to help other sick children. The five-year-old’s wish is to give kids in the hospital comfortable bed sheets so their time there is a little easier. Source: Fox 2 Now

A California woman who was abandoned as a baby has met her long-lost siblings for the first time. Jessica Hicks didn’t even know she was adopted until she was 18 and a DNA test led her to her half-siblings on her father’s side. During the emotional reunion with her brother and sister, she said, “I feel so grateful.” Source: CBS Los Angeles


A woman fighting COVID got some tender loving care from her healthcare workers. After being on a ventilator for weeks, nurses in the COVID Intensive Care Unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center gave her a spa day. They showered her with kindness by brushing her hair and giving her a pep talk. Source: WKRN