Today’s Good News: Car Dealer Inspires Giving With Act Of Kindness To Homeless Man


A Louisiana man who was homeless for three years got a second chance in life thanks to a car dealer and his team. Alcide Dominique found Jamie sleeping at his car lot and gave him a hot meal, paid for a motel for the night and bought him some supplies. Since he posted about it on TikTok, donations have poured in and now the goal is to keep Jamie off the streets permanently. Source: Fox News

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and students are sharing their thanks in a song. Donald Gee wrote a song, “Thank You Teachers,” for his teacher mother and all the teachers that have made a difference in his life. He created a virtual choir made of 100 students from across the country to sing it. Source: KCCI


Michael Joy moved from Georgia to Kentucky four years ago and lost his puppy in the process. Sam was just four-months-old at the time and despite searching, the Army vet never found him. But thanks to Sam’s microchip, he has been reunited with his grateful owner after four years. Source: Inside Edition