Today’s Good News: Restaurant’s “Receipt Wall” Lets Diners Help Feed Hungry


People in need don’t have to go hungry, thanks to generous diners. Restaurants including The Dawg House have put up a giving wall where people can pre-pay for meals and anyone in need can go grab what they like – no questions asked. So far, customers at the hot dog joint have provided more than 600 meals. Source: Today

A homeless retired Army Sergeant who helped other vets with PTSD has been given a brand-new home in Virginia. HeroHomes handed over the keys at a ribbon-cutting ceremony this week. The nonprofit says the Sergeant spends his time volunteering at correctional facilities and works with at-risk youth and he had been sleeping in his car while traveling to help vets in need. Source: WUSA 9

keys home house

A Florida woman has become a living organ donor for a man her husband donated organs to 16 years ago. Terri Herrington lost her husband Bryan in a tragic accident, but he saved several lives by donating organs. His kidney and pancreas went to Jeffrey Granger and now Terri’s kidney is saving him. Source: Local 12