This Is How Much A Stay-At-Home Mom’s Salary Should Be

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63% of Americans think being a stay-at-home mom is a job. Well, if it’s a job, how much should mom get paid?

  • According to this survey, the average stay-at-home mom worked 106 hours a week last year due to the pandemic.
  • Data shows a fair market salary for such work would be $184,829.
  • That number is an increase from $178,201 in 2019, but moms were only averaging about 96.5 hours a week then.
  • In fact, over the past decade, the average was about 96 hours a week.
  • Of their many roles, moms report the most time consuming is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, which takes over 20 hours a week.
  • Overall, stay-at-home moms take on 20 different positions, including Housekeeper, Laundry Manager, Assistant Athletics Director, Staff Nurse, Conflicts Manager and more.
  • And if 106 hours sounds like a lot, the report notes that the 75th percentile of moms actually say they’ve worked 117 hours per week.
  • Even working moms have been extra busy this past year, spending 54 hours per week on top of their regular job, which means they worked 107 hours a week between work and home.