Today’s Good News: Unwanted Rescue Dog Becomes Police K-9


The ears! A dog who was returned to a New Jersey animal shelter twice and spent eight months there is now a Pennsylvania police department’s first K-9 since the 1960s. Deb Bucci with the Burlington County Animal Shelter saw potential in Arrow, a Belgian Malinois, and got in touch with the Rescue 22 Foundation, which trains dogs to help disabled vets. Arrow wasn’t right for that job, but he was right for police work and now he’s a patrol dog and drug scent dog. Source: Burlington County Times

A middle school student in Georgia helped save a friend’s life during lunch. Christian Swope noticed his friend choking and performed the Heimlich maneuver. The 12-year-old says he learned the life-saving technique from his aunt, who is a nurse. Source: Fox 5 Atlanta


Some New Jersey residents stepped in to save hundreds of baby turtle hatchlings. Using a homemade tool, they were able to rescue more than 800 diamondback terrapin hatchlings from storm drains in Ocean City. Rescuers brought the tiny reptiles to the Stockton University Vivarium, where they will be rehabilitated before being released back into the wild. Source: People