The Signs That Summer Has Officially Started


While June 20th is the official start of summer, and many consider Memorial Day Weekend the unofficial start, there are a lot of people out there who have different ideas on when summer begins. We’ve already been feeling summer-like weather in the 90s!

A new survey finds:

  • 59% of Americans believe summer starts way before the “official” start on June 20th.
  • And the weather is a good indicator of the kickoff to summer.
  • In fact, 51% of people say the summer season starts when the temperature hits 75 degrees.
  • Others look to activities to signal the start of summer.
  • 34% of people say buying ice cream from an ice cream truck is the true sign summer’s here.
  • Other activities signaling the beginning of summer include:
    • Barbecues (34%)
    • Floating on a river (33%) 
  • And when it comes to activities, it seems folks are ready to make up for what they missed last year.
  • 55% plan to do twice the number of activities they would in a typical summer in order to do things they missed out on last year.
  • 45% say they will start their summer activities earlier, and end them later in order to get them all in.
  • This won’t come cheap though, with 41% saying all these extra activities will result in them spending more.
  • The average person expects to spend at least $1,394 on dining, travel and entertainment.

Source: SWNS Digital