Today’s Good News: Boy On A Mission To Help The Homeless


An eight-year-old Virginia boy is already working to make the world a better place for others. Last year, Zohaib Begg had a goal to collect as much PPE as possible for frontline workers, now his focus has shifted to helping the homeless. He’s reached out to companies to get donations for toiletry kits, supplies and food he passes out to the homeless community in Washington, D.C. Source: CBS News

A little boy with a prosthetic leg is now the proud owner of a puppy with a limb difference like his. Marvel the golden retriever was born without a right front paw and her breeder wanted her to go to a home with someone like seven-year-old Paxton Williams. His mom, Stephanie, says the new pet helps Paxton normalize his differences. Source: CBS Minnesota

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A woman who lived frugally all her life left a secret fortune to the universities that shaped her career. Evelyn Lutz grew up during the Great Depression, but put herself through college, eventually earning a doctorate and pursuing a career in nursing and as a professor and college administrator. She never married or had children, and when she passed away at 86, she left millions to her former colleges. Source: Fox News