Today’s Good News: Man Donates Over $1-Billion To India COVID Relief


Vitalik Buterin has donated more than $1-billion in cryptocurrency to the India Covid Relief Fund and other charities. The donation comes less than two weeks after he became the world’s youngest known crypto billionaire. Other charities he gave to include GiveWell, a non-profit charity evaluator and Methuselah Foundation, which focuses on extending human lifespan. Source: Forbes

A stranger’s act of kindness meant the world to a mom trying to soothe her austic toddler. Ashley Fox was at Walmart when Norris, her non-verbal son, had a meltdown because she wouldn’t buy him a stuffed puppy he wanted. She rushed him out of the store and a woman walked to her car and gave the toy to Norris, saying she understood because she has kids, too. Source: Sunny Skyz


A Metropolitan Transportation Authority employee in New York City is being honored for saving an emotional support dog lost in the subway. Lucy the dog managed to escape her owner’s apartment and run into a subway station, where she spent the next 10 hours running up and down the 1 line. Jose Bonilla, an MTA train service supervisor says it took an all-day team effort to track Lucy’s location and at the end of the day, he found her at the 34th Street station and returned her to her owner’s daughter. Source: CBS New York