Today’s Good News: Seventh Grader Creates Ventilator Using Legos


A tween in Illinois has created a ventilator out of Legos as a way to help with shortages. Anthony Hartman loves building and creating things and used his skills to come up with the EVentilator2020. The 12-year-old is submitting his design to Lego in hopes of seeing it make it to medical professionals in need of ventilators. Source: ABC Chicago

Firefighters in St. Charles, Missouri, saved the day for an Instacart driver and saved her job, too. Robetta Poss had three more deliveries to make when her car was hit by another driver, leaving it totaled. With her paycheck on the line, the firefighters took over and made the deliveries for her. Source: KMOV

Fire truck

A dad decided to follow his daughter to college and they’re both graduating with honors. Clarimar Galarza was studying art education at Buffalo State College in New York when her father, Cesar, decided to become a student there to earn a bachelor’s degree in social work. The dad and daughter duo say it was a lot of fun going to college together. Source: WKBW

A blaze in a Chicago apartment building sent a cat jumping from a fifth-floor window. Onlookers below were surprised to see the cat take the leap and a video shows it narrowly missing a wall on the way down. After bouncing once off a patch of grass, it strolled away unharmed. Source: Chicago Sun Times

calico cat

A Florida man didn’t hesitate to fight off an alligator who grabbed his puppy. Mike McCoy was walking his eight-month-old chocolate lab, Jake, near a pond in Holiday, Florida, when the gator got the pup and pulled him under. He says he jumped in the water, thumbed the alligator in the eye and picked him up until he let the dog go. Source: ABC Action News