Today’s Good News: Students Build Tiny Homes For Homeless

outside tiny house

A group of students from the School of Architecture at the University of Kansas have spent the year working on a project that will benefit the homeless community. They teamed up with the Lawrence Community Shelter to convert 12 storage containers into homes for homeless families. Six to 12 families will begin moving in next month. Source: KCTV

A mom in England is thanking the stranger who stopped to calm her son during his meltdown. Natalie Fernando was walking with her five-year-old Rudy, who has autism, when he had an outburst she couldn’t soothe. A man named Ian stopped, asked if she was okay, then got down on the ground, close to Rudy and talked to him quietly until he felt better. Source: Good News Network


Maria Accardi and Constance Merritt started a nonprofit in Kentucky during the pandemic to hand-deliver groceries and other essentials to people in need. It’s called Bringing Home Justice and it helps folks who can’t get to a food pantry. Merritt says they’re “trying to build a community where people look out for each other and share resources, outcomes and dreams.” Source: Fox News