Today’s Good News: Stockton Make-A-Wish Boy Delivers Hope


A little boy in Stockton, California, who’s been battling leukemia used his Make-A-Wish to become a UPS driver. Mateo Toscano was given his very own custom mini UPS truck, his own special license and he got to make deliveries all around his community. When he stopped at City Hall, Mayor Kevin Lincoln declared that it was Mateo Delivers Hope Day. Source: Fox News

Emma Johnson’s high school graduation party was cut short when a train derailed in Sibley, Iowa. But the teen made the best of it and used food from the party to feed first responders. It wasn’t the party she’d planned, but Emma says, “I wouldn’t change my day for anything.” Source: Dakota News Now


A teen came up with an idea to get bicycles to kids in need and his community has helped make it happen. Christopher Clyne began asking for donations of old bikes, then got help fixing them up so they’re ready to ride. He’ll be donating dozens of bikes to the The Boys and Girls Club of East Providence next month. Source: Turn to 10

A Missouri man was picking up his to-go order at the Pasta House restaurant and decided to pay the tab for everyone dining there. Jim Freeman says he looked around and everything “looked normal for the first time in a long time” and it inspired his generosity. He didn’t stop there, he also left a $500 tip for each server working! Source: Fox 2 Now

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