Do Men Care About Looks More Than Women?

What would you say guys care the MOST about when it comes to dating?  Wait, I don’t even need to hear your answer . . . you’re right.

A new study out of the U.K. found men in their 20s care about looks FOUR TIMES more than women do.  And women in their 20s care THREE TIMES more about someone’s personality.

Researchers looked at nine different traits.  And when it comes to dating, women care more about intelligence, education, age, and the emotional connection they form . . . while guys care more about looks and body type.

Men’s priorities do change as they get older.  But even in their 60s, they care about physical attractiveness twice as much as women do.

And this last stat was interesting:  Between 50 and 60, women actually start to care MORE about a guy’s looks.  And personality starts to matter a little less.

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