Today’s Good News: Siblings Separated As Kids Find Each Other Living A Mile Apart


A brother and sister who were separated in the foster care system as young children have found each other again. After 40 years apart, Tasha Henderson found her half-brother, Kitt Wakeley, through Ancestry.com. The siblings discovered they lived a mile apart in Oklahoma and are reconnecting and making up for lost time. Source: KFOR

Coworkers at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta discovered both of their husbands needed kidney transplants, but neither of them were a match for their own husband. They later realized they were donor matches for the other’s husband. In March, Tia Wimbush donated her kidney to Susan Ellis’ husband and Susan donated her kidney to Tia’s husband. Source: WSBTV


A family that owns a convenience store in Massachusetts had a million-dollar lottery ticket in their hand after a customer threw it out, not realizing it was a winner. The Shah family noticed she hadn’t scratched the number and when they did, they saw the million-dollar prize. They kept the ticket until the regular customer came back in and they returned it to her. Source: WWLP