Today’s Good News: GPS Collar Reunites Missing Deaf Dog With Family


An Illinois family is grateful for the technology that led them to their missing deaf dog, Lex. Lex can’t hear when he’s called, so the Rollins family got a GPS tracking collar to help if he got out. They put it to the test when Lex escaped their yard and it worked to reunite them with the pup. Source: Fox 2 Now

Cole Elementary School in Antioch, Tennessee, has started a community fridge for anyone in need. Principal Chad Hedgepath says it’s open for people to come and take what they need. Community members as well as school faculty and staff keep it stocked to help those experiencing food insecurity. Source: News Channel 5


Ransom Jones was a newlywed when he lost his wedding ring in his parents’ backyard. He searched for decades to find it, but never found it and when he sold the house, he told the new owners about it. They eventually found it and after almost 55 years, Jones has his ring back. Source: Daily News Journal

Matt Jenkins has a second chance after a life-saving surgery to remove a brain tumor. The dad had a bump on the back of his head that had grown to the size of a tennis ball and was ignoring it until his date, who is a nurse, insisted he get it checked ASAP. Things didn’t work out for the couple, but he credits her with saving his life. Source: NBC Philadelphia