How To Live Longer, According To A Biochemist


When experts talk about how we can live longer and healthier, our ears perk up. Biochemist and best-selling author Robb Wolf has done his research and come up with some underrated ways to optimize both lifespan and healthspan. He explains that lifespan is how long an organism lives and healthspan is how functional that organism is over the years. And he shares three simple steps to increase both.

  • Strength training – What’s the number one thing you can do to optimize longevity? According to Wolf, it’s maintaining muscle mass. We start to lose muscle mass in our 30s – specifically, we lose three to eight percent of muscle mass per decade and the rate increases after age 60. So he says the key is to delay that as long as possible with strength training and switching up workouts from time to time.
  • Protein intake – Getting enough protein is essential to maintaining muscle mass. How much do you need? That varies from person to person, but Wolf advises making sure you eat enough protein while lifting those weights to prevent “whittling away muscle mass” as you age.
  • Adequate sun – Vitamin D is another crucial element for overall health and longevity and you can get your fill from foods, supplements and from sunlight, which Wolf recommends. He explains, “The difference in morbidity and mortality of people who get adequate sun versus inadequate sun is as significant as a smoker versus a nonsmoker.” So soak in some rays for your overall well-being.

Source: Mind Body Green