Today’s Good News: Man Climbs Into Drain To Save Ducklings


A North Carolina man sprang into action to rescue a brood of ducklings trapped in a storm drain. After seeing the mother duck circling the drain in distress, Mike Plumides got down in it to get her babies out. As soon as all of the ducklings were back on the grass, they waddled away behind their mama. Source: People

An Amazon delivery driver is now a million dollars richer just for getting vaccinated. Jonathan Carlyle is the second person to win Ohio’s Vax-a-Million lottery. He plans to use the money to pay bills, buy a house and then keep working. Source: WLWT


Victoria Voorhees grew up knowing she was born in Phoenix and adopted as a baby and not much else about her genealogy. The 27-year-old took a 23andMe DNA test to find out more about her heritage. She was thrilled to find she has a sister who looks just like her and even has a matching tattoo. Source: New York Post