Today’s Good News: Lovebirds Who Fell In Love During Pandemic Tie The Knot At 95

old couple walk

A couple who fell in love during lockdown have gotten married at age 95. John Shults and his bride Joy Morrow-Nulton managed to maintain their relationship during the pandemic, doing whatever it took to see each other when they could. Now the upstate New Yorkers, who are both twice widowed, are getting their happy ending. Source: CBS News

A mom who dropped out of high school when she was pregnant has earned her diploma nine years later. Esbeida Bibiano says it was important for her to finish high school to be a good example for her kids. It was her daughter’s teacher who helped connect her with a program that helps those who’ve dropped out finish their education. Source: WLKY


A high school senior who’s firefighter father was killed in a Los Angeles County fire station shooting graduated two days later with hundreds of his colleagues by her side. Joslyn Carlon got her diploma wearing her dad’s firefighter jacket over her gown. When her name was called, the crowd erupted in cheers. Source: NBC News

A high school track team member collapsed during a medical emergency and his teammates worked together to help save his life. Greydon Fischer stopped breathing and other student athletes and their coaches got the AED, did CPR and kept him alive until the ambulance arrived. Their quick thinking saved his life and doctors say there’s only a 10% survival rate when this type of incident happens outside the hospital. Source: WOOD-TV