Today’s Good News: Deputies Help Homeless Vet Reunite With Missing Dog


A homeless Vietnam veteran in Kettleman City, California, has been reunited with his emotional support dog after he went missing. Michael Hatfield reported his dog, Rerun, missing and the Kings County Sheriff’s Office put out a call for his return on social media. A family came forward and returned Rerun, saying they thought he was abandoned. Source: KMPH

Brothers who were adopted as babies by different families had no idea each other existed until their families submitted them to a genealogy site. Alfredo Dupree and Dennis Harrell are thrilled to know they have a brother and have been busy reconnecting since they got the news. The men, both in their 70s, recently met for the first time and look forward to spending more time together. Source: Bay News 9

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A woman in Akron, Ohio, has been growing her hair out for nine years so she can donate it to be turned into wigs for kids with hair loss. Renee Strahler recently got her ankle-length locks chopped and she’s donating her long strands to Wigs for Kids. Her five-feet of hair will allow the organization to create longer hairpieces. Source: Akron Beacon Journal

Support has poured in for a bakery in Texas after a customer canceled a big order because the bakery wished the LGBTQ community a happy Pride month. Confections, based in Lufkin, posted a photo of rainbow heart cookies on Facebook and the next day, they posted they lost a “significant amount of followers” because of it and had the large order canceled. But fans made up for it, lining up around the corner to support them and by the end of the day, the bakery had sold out of sweets. Source: Mashable

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An Iowa man who dreams of being a doctor is one step closer, thanks to the support of his friends. Revay Stewart was not yet in medical school because he still owed $10-thousand in undergraduate degree debt. Friends he made at Des Moines University raised the money to pay it off so he can now pursue his goal of going to medical school. Source: KCCI