Today’s Good News: Grad Donates $40K Scholarship To Community College Student



A high school senior who’s on her way to Harvard this fall was awarded a $40-thousand scholarship from her high school. While accepting Fitchburg High School’s general excellence award at graduation, Verda Tetteh turned down the scholarship and asked that it be given to someone going to community college instead. “It is such a great honor,” she said, “but I also know that I am not the most in need of it.” Source: Today


A mother and daughter in Virginia turned an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to help those in need. Avery Sanford’s dad delivered his last child support payment to her mom in the form of 80-thousand pennies dumped on the front lawn of their Richmond home. So she and her mom collected the coins and are donating the money to Safe Harbor, a domestic abuse center. Source: WTVR



Nine year old Joe Whale kept getting into trouble for doodling during class. His parents did something wonderful and instead of shutting down the habit of scribbling at school, they decided to encourage his creativity by sending him to an after-school art class. His art teacher recognized his talent and posted his work all over Instagram, which led to him being hired to cover the wall at a local restaurant. Metro