Today’s Good News: Dog Missing After Car Crash Found Days Later Herding Sheep



A dog named Tilly is back home after he went missing following a car accident. He was ejected from the vehicle and ran off and his owners started searching and posting about the pup on social media. About a mile and a half from the accident scene, two brothers found Tilly on their sheep farm, herding sheep. Source: The Spokesman-Review


A college student in Tallahassee, Florida, was caught in an act of kindness and posted to TikTok and now it’s gone viral with more than 5-million views. The video shows Jabari Richardson, a senior at Florida A&M University, stopping to give a homeless man shoes and clothing from his car. He says he was in the process of moving and wanted to give his stuff to someone who needs them. Source: WTXL



An Eagle Scout in Michigan has been recognized for saving a woman after a fiery crash. Mychal VanAllsburg received the Boy Scouts of America Heroism Award from Jodie Matthews, who he pulled from a burning car two years ago. “I just saw an opportunity to help somebody that needed it, and I didn’t even think twice, I just went over and helped that lady,” he explains. Source: Fox News

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