Hacks To Get Fit, Even If You’re Lazy

walking talking on phone

Gyms and personal trainers don’t want us to know this, but shelling out hundreds of dollars a month for instructions isn’t the only way to make a difference with your body, mind and mood. Making tiny tweaks to your routine can add up to help you get stronger, leaner and to feel better. Want to get fit the lazy way? Here’s what trainers and health experts recommend.

  • Turn your phone calls into walks – It’s all about multitasking. Personal trainer Ashlee Van Burskirk says walking can be a mindless activity and chatting on the phone while you do it can give you something to focus on, even if you’re just pacing back and forth in your house.
  • Stretch while watching TV – It doesn’t burn a ton of calories, but it does help you relax and yoga teacher trainer Clara Roberts-Oss explains that when we’re relaxed, we’re less likely to stress eat, drink alcohol or indulge in junk food. She says stretching releases the feel-good hormones that counter the release of cortisol, the stress hormone “that keeps us reaching for sugary snacks and booze.”
  • Leave your fitness equipment in plain sight – Seeing a kettlebell or dumbbells on the floor will remind you to use them more often, according to trainer and weight-loss coach Dorian Johnson.
  • Start habit stacking – This refers to grouping small but meaningful changes into your existing routine and the key is to think of the cluster of tasks as one. Personal trainer Saara Haapanen suggests doing 15 squats after brushing your teeth every day.
  • Put all your water on the table – Being dehydrated slows down your metabolism and to make sure you’re drinking enough each day, chiropractor Allen Conrad suggests filling enough glasses with water to get you through the day and setting them on the counter. You’ll know you’ve downed enough when all the glasses are empty.

Source: Eat This, Not That