Today’s Good News: Heroic Dog Survives Rattlesnake Bite After Saving Owner

golden lab dog


A dog proved he really is man’s best friend by stepping between his owner and a rattlesnake. Alex Loredo encountered the snake outside his family’s home in El Cajon, California, and before he could make a move, his labrador, Marley, pushed him out of the way. The dog was bitten twice by the snake and rushed to the vet, where he received antivenom and he’s now recovered. Source: NBC San Diego


A national charity is buying millions of dollars of medical debt directly from hospitals to wipe it out for low-income patients. RIP Medical Debt is clearing $278-million in medical debt from Ballard Health, which operates hospitals in Tennessee and Virginia. This will pay off the debt for 82-thousand low-income Americans. Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Last December, Nate Ratliff was hiking with his dad, Craig, who suddenly had a heart attack. The 13-year-old calmly called 911 and helped first responders find his dad, which saved his life. For his quick thinking, Nate has won The Kids Wish Network 2020 Hero of the Year award and a $5-thousand prize. Source: Fox 2 Now

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