Today’s Good News: Boy Vows To Mow 50 Yards For 50 Veterans To Honor His Grandpa



A 14-year-old boy has started a lawn business and is using it to give back to his community.  Nathan Adams has pledged to mow lawns for veterans for free and has a starting goal of doing 50 yards for 50 vets, in honor of his grandfather, who was a veteran and taught him the lawn mowing skills. “The lawn kid” was lucky enough to have Lowe’s donate “the Cadillac of mowers” and other lawn equipment to him, thanks to a client who works for Lowe’s. Source: Fox News


A dog with prosthetic legs has found her forever home with someone who understands the challenges of losing a leg. Chloe, a nine-year-old Shih Tzu, has recovered from her amputation and has now been adopted by San Diego Police detective Chappie Hunter. He lost his leg in a crash years ago and also uses a prosthetic. Source: ABC Action News

dog shih tzu


A Michigan woman just won a $1-million lottery jackpot, but she wouldn’t have had the chance if a store clerk hadn’t unlocked the door for her. The anonymous woman tells Michigan Lottery Officials the store had just closed, but the clerk let her in to shop. She bought a scratch-off ticket that won her a million bucks, which she plans to use to make her life “more comfortable.” Source: UPI