Today’s Good News: Company Installs $12K A/C Unit For Free For Sick Teen



The family of a teen in hospice care is grateful for an act of kindness after their home’s air conditioner broke. Lea Leen says the machines her 13-year-old daughter needs produce a lot of heat and need to be kept cool. The owner of MP Heating & Air Conditioning cleared his schedule, put in a new system for the family the next day and did the $12-thousand job for free. Source: KPTV


Staff at a New Hampshire restaurant were shocked when a customer left a huge tip on a small bill. He ordered a couple chili dogs, fried pickle chips and drinks at the Stumble Inn Bar and Grill and added a $16-thousand tip to his $37.93 tab. The big tipper, who wants to remain anonymous, told the staff, “I want you to have it, you guys work hard.” Source: WMUR

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A 20-year-old Oklahoma man who walks eight miles to work, then turns around and walks eight miles home after his shift now has a bike to make his trip quicker. Donte Franklin was given a brand-new bicycle from the biker charity group My Riding Buddies Oklahoma after someone posted about his commute on Facebook. A GoFundMe has also been set up to get him a car, but he still needs a driver’s license, so the bicycle is ideal for now. Source: KOCO


Officers with the Chicago Police Department noticed some kids using a milk crate as a basketball hoop and stepped in to get them a real one. They bought a new hoop and some new basketballs to play with. The officers assembled the hoop and even stuck around to play a quick game with the kids. Source: Fox News

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