Today’s Good News: Man With Alzheimer’s Remarries Wife After Forgetting They Were Married



Lisa Marshall has been the caretaker for her husband, Peter, since he was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2018. One day the 53-year-old asked his wife if she wanted to marry him, forgetting they’d been married for 12 years. She said yes and they renewed their vows this spring in front of friends and family and there wasn’t a dry eye in sight. Source: People


A North Carolina woman won big in the lottery, but she says it wouldn’t have happened if her local store had her favorite ticket in stock. Joanne Pacheco says she ended up buying a different ticket when the store was sold-out of the game she wanted. And the change paid off when one of the new tickets was a $200-thousand winner. Source: UPI



We recently told you about a young man who walked 17 miles to work every day and was given a new bicycle to help with his commute. Donte Franklin met a stranger, Michael Lynn, who gave him a ride and shared his story on Facebook. His post led to a GoFundMe that has since raised more than $50-thousand to get Donte a new car. Source: Insider