Can You Keep A Secret?

Adults Are Keeping An Average Of Two Secrets

While keeping secrets can be dangerous, sometimes it’s just necessary, and let’s face it, most of us are probably keeping one or two things to ourselves. 

A new British poll, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • Adults keep an average of two secrets.
  • One third of people are keeping their secret to avoid embarrassment.
  • 20% are keeping it to themselves to avoid relationship issues.
  • 18% are staying quiet in order to protect their personal reputation.
  • Over 10% are keeping a secret to stay out of trouble with the police.
  • So, what are the most common secrets people are keeping?
  • The top secrets being kept include:
    • Your mental health
    • An embarrassing incident
    • Your internet history
    • Eating / snack habits
    • Hygiene habits
    • How many partners you’ve previously had
    • Bank /credit card statements
    • That you have faked an illness to get out of commitments
    • Having an affair
    • Having a one-night stand
  • As for who folks are keeping their secrets from:
    • 20% are keeping secrets from their mother.
    • 16% are keeping them from a friend.
    • 16% are keeping them from a partner. 

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