Today’s Good News: Dog Missing For 10 Years Reunites With Family

scottie dog


A dog that was missing for 10 years has been rescued 16-hundred miles from home and reunited with his family. Razzle had gone missing in 2011 from his family in Arkansas and was found at a shelter in Northern California. He was flown across the country by Jeremy Wade, a dog rescuer who says it was his pleasure to be a part of getting Razzle home. Source: Fox News


St. Bede’s Episcopal Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico, says it paid off all of the available medical debt for the entire state of New Mexico and several counties in Arizona, too. With donations, they partnered with RIP Medical Debt to clear nearly $1.4-million. RIP Medical Debt buys debt for a fraction of the cost and pays it off with donations, like the $15-thousand they received from the church. Source: KOMO



A crowd of people at the National Cherry Festival in Michigan stepped in to help when a carnival ride malfunctioned. The base of the Magic Carpet Ride began to sway back and forth, looking like it might tip over. A group of bystanders rushed over and held onto the bottom of it to steady it so mechanics could shut it down and get riders off safely. Source: WPBN