Today’s Good News: Boy In Hospital Makes Friends With Staff Across Street Using Post-Its



A five-year-old boy stuck in the hospital for brain cancer treatment made new friends thanks to some Post-It notes. Meyer Mixdorf’s mom started by making a smiley face with the sticky notes on the window to cheer him up. Soon the building across the street responded with their own Post-It smiley face and from there, the art became more elaborate and Meyer loved it. Source: Good Morning America


A high school cancer survivor who thought he would never play basketball again hit a three-pointer at the buzzer to win the sectional championship game. Nick Hermann was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his leg, spent nine months in the hospital, endured four surgeries in two months and nearly lost his leg. But after chemo and physical therapy he’s back on the court and helped his team win. Source: ABC News



A Tennessee police officer saved a disabled woman by running inside a house that caught fire and was exploding. Corporal Allan Ervin’s body cam shows an explosive ball of fire blasting from the home before he rushed inside. He was able to get the disabled woman out without being injured himself and she’s being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. Source: Fox News