The Best Christmas Light Displays


Here's a list of some of the over-the-top displays in our area....

Arden Arcade

4464 Edison Ave

3240 Eastwood Road

3033 Bertis Dr

2925 Merrywood Dr

Natomas Park

279-300 Ainger Circle

Java Court: This seven-home court features a 14 foot Christmas tree at its center with a lit star. String lights from each house connect to the star in the middle.

South Natomas

2973 Mendel Way

East Sacramento

Fab 40s (From 40th to 49th, between J and Folsom): This famous East Sacramento neighborhood is full of holiday charm, with many streets hanging lights around trees and garlands draped across the streets.


7134 Pocket Road

Upper Land Park

622 Fremont Way


79 Northlite Circle

Citrus Heights

6617 Golden Rain Court

7001 Whyte Ave

7600 Farmgate Way: Bring the kids to this address. It features a “Frozen” theme that includes a 16-foot pirate shipwreck.

7131 Karen Rae Ct: The owners at this home have been working on their display for a decade. The extravaganza is an old fashioned display, focusing on “lots and lots of lights” on a large corner property.

7032 Ansbrough Dr

Elk Grove

9720 Great Egret Court: This is another mainstay display. The homeowner, David Lee, said he has been doing his Christmas display for 14 years. Lee uses his neighbors’ yards in addition to his own. He’s filled them with blowups of characters like Snoopy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Star Wars figures.

8486 Mainstay Court

3316 Lake Terrace Drive

6721 Sao Tiago Way

8767 San Pedro Way

6904 Paul Do Mar Way

Fair Oaks

7780 Kanihan Court

5412 Shire Court

7896 Lemon Street


1027 Hildebrand Circle

224 Orange Blossom Circle

104 Thorndike Way: This home is high-tech. Watch an animated display using more than 8,000 lights as well as digital signs synchronized to music you can listen to via FM radio from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Plus, this home has a small drop off barrel where you can bring donations for the Twin Lakes Food bank.

101 to 120 Ledgemont Court

1730 Darvel Ct


Dovewood Court: This 18-home cul-de-sac goes all-out with the Christmas lights every night from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Parking is available nearby at the Orangevale Grange on Walnut Avenue.


2975 Five Mile Road

Rancho Cordova

10625 Lambrusca Drive

Rescue 3085 Travois Circle


Pebble Creek Drive and Strand Road

2200 Telegraph Hill Drive


1300 Plymouth Court: This kitschy setup has a mock Starbucks drive-thru with none other than the Grinch serving as barista. It also has candy covered walkways and “selfie areas.”

6009 Plum Canyon Lane

100 Chennault Court

8281 Sienna Loop

Hillsford Court: For nine years now, this chain of homes has set up a lights display coordinated to Christmas music.

1484 Kingswood Drive

1741 Santa Ines Street

West Sacramento

1604 19th St

3850 Silverwood Road


716 Marina Circle

Cameron Park

4260 Spring Meadow