Today’s Good News: Dog Saves Store Clerk During Robbery



A pair of armed robbers rushed into Big A Market in Philadelphia and one of them pointed a gun at the clerk. Security video shows the store manager’s dog jumping on the would-be robber right before the clerk takes out a gun and fires. The store manager believes his dog- whose name is Bullet – kept the situation from turning deadly.

Source: WRAL


North Carolina nonprofit Fostering Hopes is constructing their first professional foster home, which will be offered for free to a foster family with up to five children. The concept of the home is to solve two problems: siblings being separated in foster care and foster children being relocated far from their biological families. Fostering Hopes in partnership with H3Collective plans to build more of the foster homes in western North Carolina and eventually across the state.

Source: FOXNews



One morning last week, Bronx middle school teacher Maria Iorlano was walking to school with an armful of school supplies and donuts for her students when a man approached her. The man asked if she was a teacher and if the donuts were for her students, and then he placed $50 on top of the donut box, thanked her, and walked away. Iorlano felt she didn’t get to thank the stranger properly, so she shared the story on Twitter in the hopes that he would see the post.

Source: NDTV


A 22-year-old woman posted on TikTok recently to vent about the challenge of working 40 hours and living in her car, racking up over 5 million views. TikToker @oc.liyahh says she sleeps in her car, does her hair in her car, goes someplace that’s open early to brush her teeth, and showers at Planet Fitness—all while working full time at Home Depot. Many commenters were sympathetic, saying they’d been in the same position in the past and some recommended she look into Home Depot’s Homer Fund for assistance, which she did.

Source: Indy100