Today’s Good News: Rescue Stories!

Snow people


Last week, Shannon St Onge was heading from work about 15 miles to her home in Canada when whiteout conditions made it impossible for her to continue. Emergency services suggested she stay in her car and wait out the storm, but that made her nervous, so she posted about her dilemma on social media. Someone contacted 80-year-old retiree Andre Bouvier Sr who lived nearby to see if he could help St Onge. Bouvier braved the blizzard to rescue St Onge and six other strangers from the storm and put them up at his home until conditions improved in the morning.

Source: CBC


Instacart shopper Jessica Higgs is being praised for helping to save an elderly man after sensing something was wrong. In a TikTok video, she explains that the man’s daughter had ordered groceries for him and when dropping it off, she got a gut feeling that she needed to make sure everything was okay inside. She discovered a propane leak, let his daughter know and the woman credits Jessica with saving her father’s life.

Source: Newsweek

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Last week, California Highway Patrol assisted the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office in rescuing a couple and their dog from their remote home in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The couple had been stuck at the property since December 6th, unable to leave because of snow and downed trees, and began to run out of supplies and food. Deputies couldn’t get through the blocked roads, so they reached out to the California Highway Patrol, who sent a helicopter to rescue the couple and their dog.

Source: People


Last Friday, North East Police Corporal Annette Goodyear was on crossing guard detail when a car barrelled through the crosswalk narrowly missing a student and hitting the officer. Video footage from the incident shows Goodyear push the student out of the way of the car just before the car clips her, knocking her to the ground. The student was unharmed, and Goodyear was treated for minor injuries at the hospital and released.

Source: NY Post

School crossing