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Jennifer Steele is proud to say that she has been a part of Sacramento area radio for more than twenty years. “It has been an honor to work in a business that I really love in a city and area that I grew up in with people like me who love the music we play here. It makes working at K-Hits a great place to call my home!”

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Get Paid To love Tacos

 The spice company McCormick needs part-time help with one of their products.  And it’s NOT a boring spice like celery salt, parsley flakes, or those annoyingly delicate bay leaves.  (???)Nope, this is big-time.  You’d be working with TACO SEASONING.It’s a limited time, four-month gig, where you’ll serve as their “Director of Taco Relations.”  No prior experience…


Did You Suffer from “Dead Butt Syndrome” Last Year?

Here’s a new health condition to worry about.  And it’s got a catchy name you won’t forget.  Did you suffer from DEAD BUTT SYNDROME last year?Dead butt syndrome . . . or DBS . . . is when you experience pain, numbness, or tingling in and around your butt muscles.  And it’s usually from sitting…


How to Survive a Shark Attack

How to Survive a Shark Attack! Because, you never know, right?In the spirit of Shark Week on Discovery Channel, I thought we should learn what to do if we should ever be attacked by a shark! Hey, the people who have been probably wish they had some knowledge that could have helped them in the…


Video: Gwen & Blake Do Impromptu Show For Fans

Some cute moments were recently had between Blake Shelton & now wife Gwen Stefani- or “Gwen Shelton” as she pointed out. The two surprised diners and walkers by at Blake’s restaurant Ole Red in Tishomingo, Oklahoma and sang their duets “Happy Anywhere” and “Nobody But You.” Check out the candid video below! *Blog  by Jennifer Steele….


How to Watch ‘McCartney 3, 2, 1’

Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin have come together for a new six-episode series titled McCartney 3, 2, 1, which arrives on Hulu this week. The documentary series will give you a peek behind all the classics and other songs  throughout McCartney’s career, from his work with the Beatles to Wings and even his solo records…There are a few…

dog puppy golden retriver

Are You a Helicopter Dog Parent?

 We’ve hit a new benchmark in whole “my pet is my CHILD” trend.  60% of dog owners now consider themselves “helicopter parents” when it comes to their pet, and constantly hover over them in case they need something.91% say they pay close attention to what their dog needs, and 70% have made at least one…


Get ready For AC/DC Craft Beer

AC/DC Fans- This is for you! If the wine was not enough, get ready to enjoy an ice cold AC/DC Beer! KnuckleBonz and Calicraft Brewing Company have announced that they will release to select retailers, two AC/DC officially licensed beers: AC/DC PWR UP Juicy IPA and AC/DC TNT Double IPA .  You can join in on the fun! They will hold…

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters band performs during the Rock in Rio Music Festival in Rio de Janeiro

Video: Foo Fighters Cover Bee Gees

The Dee Gees AKA The Foo fighters recently had some fun covering The Bee Gees “You Should Be Dancing”. The  cover comes ahead of the Foos’ release of ‘Hail Satin’ – under their disco alter-ego the Dee Gees – on Friday (July 17) for Record Store Day. check it out below!  *Blog  by Jennifer Steele. Listen,  follow, and…


The Eagles Coming To Sacramento!

The Eagles will be bringing their “Hotel California Tour” to the Golden One Center Oct. 12!  They will play the legendary Hotel California album followed by a greatest hits session. A must see for any die hard Eagles Fan! Tickets for the Sacramento show go on sale Friday July 16th at 10 a.m.  …


Frasier Revival Coming Soon

Kelsey Grammer finally opened up about what we can expect from the upcoming “Frasier” revival that’ll be on Paramount Plus. At this point, Kelsey says he’s reached out to everyone involved – David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves, and Peri Gilpin, also known to audiences as Niles, Daphne, and Roz – and they’re onboard. Since John Mahoney, who played Fraiser’s father, Martin Crane,…


Moooo! It’s Cow Appreciation Day

July 13th is Cow Appreciation Day! On the second Tuesday in July, it’s Cow Appreciation Day! The first celebration took place in 2004, thanks to Chick-fil-A’s humorous “Eat Mor Chikin” marketing campaign (which began in 1995). The idea behind the campaign, of course, is that cows want people to eat more chicken instead of beef.While cows help…


Will There Be A Harry Potter Reunion?

“Harry Potter” is celebrating its 20th anniversary in November… but fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a cast reunion. Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, has shut down a potential reunion in honor of the milestone.At least, it won’t involve Radcliffe. Speaking to “Entertainment Tonight,” the actor says he’s busy filming in the Dominican Republic right now, and…


Can You Keep A Secret?

Adults Are Keeping An Average Of Two SecretsWhile keeping secrets can be dangerous, sometimes it’s just necessary, and let’s face it, most of us are probably keeping one or two things to ourselves. A new British poll, which could easily translate here, finds:Adults keep an average of two secrets.One third of people are keeping their secret…


Piña Colada Day

July 10th is Piña Colada Day! You don’t need to be on a beach to enjoy this refreshing tropical cocktail. No matter where you are in the world, a piña colada is a great way to sit back, relax, and enjoy a little taste of summer.Did you know that piña coladas originated in San Juan, Puerto Rico?…