Susan Wright

Susan is a green nut… but it’s cute on her! She’s passionate about protecting mother nature, loving animals, and recycling. No, really. If she sees someone throw their soda can or water bottle in the trash, she’ll assure they never let that happen again. “Why add to land fills when it’s just as easy to put that can back to work?” says Susan. Susan has lived in the Sacramento area for nearly twenty years, and enjoys gardening and photography.

Listen to Susan weekday afternoons from 3:00 ’til 6:00.

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Today's Good News!

Today’s Good News: US Teen Creates Website Connecting Ukrainian Refugees With Hosts

 A Washington teen has created, a website that connects Ukrainian refugees with homeowners willing to host them. Avi Schiffman came to fame two years ago when he built possibly the most popular website in the world tracking cases of COVID-19. While home during a gap year from his studies at Harvard, the 19-year-old is putting his coding…


Today’s Good News: Rescue Stories!

  Last week, Shannon St Onge was heading from work about 15 miles to her home in Canada when whiteout conditions made it impossible for her to continue. Emergency services suggested she stay in her car and wait out the storm, but that made her nervous, so she posted about her dilemma on social media. Someone…

Today's Good News!

Today’s Good News: Dog Saves Store Clerk During Robbery

 A pair of armed robbers rushed into Big A Market in Philadelphia and one of them pointed a gun at the clerk. Security video shows the store manager’s dog jumping on the would-be robber right before the clerk takes out a gun and fires. The store manager believes his dog- whose name is Bullet – kept the…

Today's Good News!

Today’s Good News: 8 Year Old Saves Choking Stepdad With Heimlich

 An eight-year-old Florida girl saves her stepdad from choking using the Heimlich maneuver, which she’d just learned two week before. Michael Langston was playing video games in the living room of his Brandenton home when he took a bite of a sandwich and a piece got lodged in his windpipe. His eight-year-old stepdaughter, Peyton wasted no time…


Today’s Good News: Boy Saves His Four Siblings From House Fire

  An 11-year-old boy is being called a hero for rescuing his four siblings from their burning home. Brody Sims used what his parents had previously taught him about grabbing everyone and running out of the house in case of a fire. Their mom wasn’t home at the time and is grateful her son bravely…


Today’s Good News: Woman Buys Plane Tickets For Stranded Family

 An Alabama woman is being recognized for her extreme kindness for buying plane tickets for a family of five to get back to their home in Texas. While on their way home, a family’s car breaks down in south Alabama. A woman pulls over to help and ends up taking them to the airport and…

Christmas Decorations

Local Holiday Events

2021 Holiday events are coming back! Sacramento Events… Cookies & Cocoa with Santa is a drive-thru experience hosted by the Sacramento Chapter of Jack & Jill of America in Mt. Calvary Church. You can get food directly from the big man on from 10 am until noon Saturday, Dec. 11. Proof of complete vaccination will be…


The Best Christmas Light Displays

Here’s a list of some of the over-the-top displays in our area…. Arden Arcade 4464 Edison Ave 3240 Eastwood Road 3033 Bertis Dr 2925 Merrywood Dr Natomas Park 279-300 Ainger Circle Java Court: This seven-home court features a 14 foot Christmas tree at its center with a lit star. String lights from each house connect…


Road Closures For The California International Marathon

Mile – Closure time: Location 1 – 5:20 a.m.-7:50 a.m.: Oak Ave. 2 – 5:20-8:05: American River Canyon Dr. 5:20-8:05: Santa Juanita & Oak Ave. 3 – 6:50-8:20: April & Oak Ave. 4 – 6:50-8:30: Beach & Oak Ave. 5 – 6:50-8:45: Wachtel 6 – 6:50-9: Fair Oaks Blvd. & Oak Ave. 7 – 6:50-9:15:…


Today’s Good News: A Secret Santa helps widow and children.

 A Secret Santa in East Idaho has pledged to give out $1-million to deserving residents in the area. Mother of two, Natalia Pihulevych has been struggling since her husband died in a car crash in August, relying heavily on support from her community. Presents from the Secret Santa to the grateful widow: $3-thousand, gift cards and…

Apple Watch

Today’s Good News: Apple Watch Helps Man Injured In Accident

  A man was seriously injured and knocked unconscious in a hit and run accident. The victim’s Apple Watch was set to notify emergency services in the event of a hard fall. His family is grateful for the tech that got him to the hospital sooner, increasing his chance for a successful recovery. Source: LADbible  …


Free Coffee Day Deals

National Coffee Day is Wednesday and there are numerous deals that you may want to check out from some of the major chains. Here are a few:Starbucks – is celebrating its 50th anniversary and if you bring in a clean, empty reusable cup of up to 20 ounces you will get a free cup of Pike…