Susan Wright

Susan is a green nut… but it’s cute on her! She’s passionate about protecting mother nature, loving animals, and recycling. No, really. If she sees someone throw their soda can or water bottle in the trash, she’ll assure they never let that happen again. “Why add to land fills when it’s just as easy to put that can back to work?” says Susan. Susan has lived in the Sacramento area for nearly twenty years, and enjoys gardening and photography.

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Study: Eating More Potatoes Can Lower Blood Pressure

Finding the right balance between eating a healthy diet and not having to totally give up the foods you love can be challenging, but a new study gives hope to fans of one food that sometimes gets a bad rap. Research from Purdue University finds that eating more potatoes can actually boost heart health by lowering blood…


What Is The Most Iconic Music Moment You Wish You Experienced Live?

Not many people have gotten to experience live music in person over the past 15 months, and it’s pretty apparent they’re missing the experience.A new global survey finds:58% of those polled say going to a live concert or festival is the activity they are most looking forward to as restrictions ease.Live music is so special to…


Travel Experts Rate The Best Vacation Activities

Trip Advisor’s “Best of the Best” The travel company has just come out with their Travelers Choice “Best of the Best” Things To Do Awards. The awards single out experiences in a dozen subcategories, from Nature and Hiking to Water Adventures to Out of the Ordinary Experiences, and more. They have also listed the Top…


Today’s Good News: Company Installs $12K A/C Unit For Free For Sick Teen

 The family of a teen in hospice care is grateful for an act of kindness after their home’s air conditioner broke. Lea Leen says the machines her 13-year-old daughter needs produce a lot of heat and need to be kept cool. The owner of MP Heating & Air Conditioning cleared his schedule, put in a…


Nighttime Habits Of Longest-Living People In The World

There are a few places around the world where people regularly live to be 100 with basically no health issues. Dan Buettner is a researcher who’s studied these longevity hotspots, known as Blue Zones, which include Nicoya, Costa Rica; Okinawa, Japan and Loma Linda, California, and he’s discovered some of the health and wellness practices that help their…

notepad writing list

Want Better Sleep? Make A List

Want to get better sleep? Instead of reaching for the remote, reach for a pen and paper. A new study finds jotting down your to-do list can actually help you fall asleep.Researchers suggest that rather than engaging in a “demanding activity” or something that would disrupt snoozing, like watching TV or playing video games, we spend…


Today’s Good News: Grad Living In Shelter Heads To Princeton With Community’s Help

 Bryce Springfield and his mom have struggled to find permanent housing, living in several homeless shelters during his high school years. The 18-year-old focused on school and recently graduated as valedictorian of his class. He’s got a full-ride scholarship to Princeton, but still needed winter coats and boots and his community is pitching in to…

laptop woman desk frustrated

How To Stay Healthy If You Sit At A Computer All Day

Great tips for those heading back into office life! Working at a computer all day long is not be an active job, and it can take a toll on your body. Sitting at a desk for hours on end makes you more likely to feel physical and mental strain. Plus, sitting all day can raise…

woman working computer coffee

Secrets To Work-Life Balance

Is it possible to find a work-life balance? According to Emily Ballesteros, it can be done. After her own experience with two years of constant work stress, she was inspired to focus her career on helping people who are struggling with burnout. So how do we create a work-life balance that makes us happier at work…


Americans Think The 1970s & 1980s Were The Best Generations For Music

There’s no doubt people have different tastes when it comes to music, and most will tend to think their generation had it the best. But a new poll has now revealed most people’s feelings on the generation that had the best music.A new YouGov poll of more than 17,000 Americans finds:Most people believe the 1970s…

hot dog summer

How To Help Your Pets When It’s Too Hot

Leave pets at home. Dogs cool themselves by panting, which precipitates convection; that is, their panting exchanges warm body temperature for cooler air outside. If the outside air isn’t significantly cooler than their body temp, their cooling system doesn’t work and they can get heatstroke. Studies show that on a 75 degree day, temps inside…