Susan Wright

Susan is a green nut… but it’s cute on her! She’s passionate about protecting mother nature, loving animals, and recycling. No, really. If she sees someone throw their soda can or water bottle in the trash, she’ll assure they never let that happen again. “Why add to land fills when it’s just as easy to put that can back to work?” says Susan. Susan has lived in the Sacramento area for nearly twenty years, and enjoys gardening and photography.

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Sunday’s Good News

 After a long 12-hour shift at Massachusetts General Hospital, a cardiac nurse drove down her street and was welcomed by signs from her neighbors thanking her. They left 14 handmade signs for Paige Colombo each with messages of support and gratitude thanking her and other front line medical workers for their sacrifice. (source)


Saturday’s Good News

 There’s a bar in Tybee Island, Georgia called The Sand Bar that’s famous for papering its walls with $1 bills.  So the owner and some friends spent three days taking them all down, then gave the money to employees. They ended up with almost $4,000, and each employee got 600 bucks.  But one said they didn’t…


Thursday’s Good News!

 A hospital in Memphis found 27,000 old N95 masks in storage that were still usable, but the elastic bands needed to be replaced.  So a group of 400 volunteers with sewing machines got to work, and fixed 20,000 of them in a single weekend. (source)


Friday Good News

 Most Meals on Wheels volunteers are over 55.  Meaning they’re in a higher-risk age group.  So COLLEGE KIDS have stepped up in a big way to fill in and make deliveries. (source)


Visit The Library Virtually!

 The Sacramento Public Library locations are closed but they have opened their virtual doors to us! Join them for live virtual programs including storytime, reading recommendations and happy hour. Check them out here! Thank you to our public libraries!!

people jumping sunset

Wednesday’s Good News

 Canada may have figured out the MOST Canadian way to thank healthcare workers.  At 7:00 P.M. each night, they go outside and bang hockey sticks on the ground. (source)

Red Rover SSPCA Graphic

Wet Nose Wednesday is giving back!

Click here for information on the Sacramento SPCA’s Paw Pantry Drive Thru. They will be open again tomorrow, and every Tuesday and Thursday.   Click here for information on boarding pets while in the hospital with COVID-19.


5 Things To Look Forward To In April

1.First and foremost:  Experts THINK we’ll see the number of cases start to trend DOWN later this month.  Probably peaking in about two weeks.  So stay safe, hang tight, and remember it won’t last forever. Great job on social distancing!2.  Sports are on hold right now.  But WrestleMania is happening this weekend.  And the first round of…


California State Parks Learning Programs

 Your kids might enjoy this!California State Parks is now broadcasting their PORTS Home Learning Programs from locations across California. Students learning from home will be able to access their precious natural resources and cultural heritage from the comfort of their own home.Register for these FREE K-12 programs. Space is limited, so sign up today! (click…


Celebrities Doing Good

Oprah is tossing her hat into the CELEBRITIES FIGHTING COVID-19 RING . . . and she’s NOT messing around.  Yesterday, she announced that she’s dropping a whopping $10 million to help Americans during the pandemic. She’s also promoting a GoFundMe called “America’s Food Fund,” which aims to help feed the country’s most vulnerable populations . . ….


Tuesday’s Good News

 A boy scout in Canada is using his skills to make healthcare workers more comfortable. Quinn Roney is creating “ear guards” with his 3D printer for medical staff who wear face masks all day. The guards take pressure off their ears so they’re not sore after a long day. (source)


Monday Good News

 A guy in Detroit stood outside a gas station and paid for $900 in gas for nurses.  Then a random woman who heard about it showed up and pitched in another $200. (source)


Friday Good News!

 Google says more of us are searching for ways to HELP people than ever before.  The number of searches for things like “how to volunteer” . . . “how to help the community” . . . and “how to help the elderly” are much higher than normal. (source)


Sunday’s Good News

Arnold Schwarzenegger personally brought 50-thousand masks to doctors in Los Angeles hospitals. The former California governor’s donation is in support of the Frontline Responders Fund, a GoFundMe campaign raising money for much-needed medical equipment.The cause has raised more than $5-million, including a $1-million donation from Arnold himself. He’s also been active on social media, encouraging others to volunteer…


FREE Streaming Services

 Have you already watched Tiger King three times? Are your Netflix choices drying up? Many services like Hulu, Acorn TV, CBS All Access, Quibi, Sling and others, have extended their normal free trial subscriptions. See a full list and what each one offers by clicking here.